AXIS RISK SERVICES provides innovative Risk Management solutions for companies facing increasing costs associated with insurance, safety reputation, loss control, and worker's compensation claims.

Are you convinced that you are getting the best value for your Risk Management, Safety, and Case Management dollar?




We provide short and long term consultation services along with minute one 24-7 injury management and crisis intervention.


Why contact us?

We have compiled a strong client base in the retail, hospitality, construction, and supply industries.

Our relationships bring years of experience and knowledge to the table for our clients.

Our approach to business is to bring the best resources together for our clients to provide an integrated approach to dramatic and continuous performance improvement and service value.


"My professional staff and partners can work within your current organization to compliment your staff's strengths while shoring-up the weaknesses to create the most value and best results for your Risk Management dollar."

Mike Owens, President



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